Rule of Shogi

How to Play Shogi – the Rules of Japanese Chess


How do I play shogi?
Let's learn the rule of shogi!!

This post explains how to play shogi.

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What is Shogi?

What is shogi?

Shogi is one of the board games like chess. Firstly, learn a difference between chess and shogi.

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The Basic Rules of Shogi

The Flow of the Game

The Setup and the Flow of the Game

Firstly, you hove to learn the equipment of shogi. Next, confirm the flow of the game.

Movement of Pieces

Pieces Movement and Symbols Movement Principle

Learn the move of shogi pieces.

The Rule of Promotion

The Rule of Promotion

Promotion rule, along with drop rule, is one of the biggest differences between shogi and chess.

Capturing a Piece and Drops

Capturing a Piece and Drops

Drop rule is not in chess systems. If you understand the drop rule you can understand half of the rules of shogi.

Check and Checkmate

Check and Checkmate

Let's learn how to check and checkmate the opponent's king.


Special Rules



Repeating the same situation is called sennichite. If sennichite occurs, the game ends in a draw basically.

Illegal Moves; Kinjite


There are some illegal moves in shogi.

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-Rule of Shogi

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